Prep 0: Week 0 Prep

Review course policies

Make sure to visit the policies page to review the course policies, including:

  • Grading Policy
  • Late Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Collaboration Policy

You are responsible for reviewing and knowing all of this information!

Acquire an Arduino kit

The campus bookstore is selling SparkFun Arduino kits with everything you will need for this class. You should purchase one as soon as possible, and bring it with you to all studio and lab meetings.

Install the Arduino IDE

If you are planning to use your laptop to complete the course assignments, you will need to install the Arduino IDE. You can get it here.

This software is already installed on the lab computers, so if you are planning to use the lab computers you can skip this step.


Read Chapters 1 and 2 in the course text.

Introduction to Arduino Programs

Watch the following videos for a quick introduction to Arduino programming - if these are confusing to you now, don’t worry! You’ll get more practice with this during the first week of class.

Video Description
Arduino Programs Watch as Professor Shook explains the basic structure of an Arduino sketch and goes through a Hello, World! program
Printing In this video, Professor Shook explains how to print stuff using the Arduino in more detail
Arduino Timing Timing is very important - see how to control timing on the Arduino.
Java Timing Next we’ll look at how to control timing in Java
Exceptions Exceptions are a useful tool for managing errors that may occur in your code, such as errors that result from mistakes in our circuit timings.