CSE452 Assignments (Spring 2015)


  • 0: Intro
  • 1: Brush
  • 2: Shapes
  • 3: Camera
  • 4: Intersect
  • 5: Sceneview
  • 6: Raytracing
  • Handouts
    Past Photos

    Each assignment has two components: questions and a programming lab. We will NOT grade questions, which are just designed to familiarize you with the key concepts to complete the programming lab. We will grade the lab, which is due in 2 weeks.
    Both questions and a programming lab will be out on Tuesday. We will post answers to questions by the end of the same week on Piazza. Programming lab will be due in 2 weeks (till the end of Monday).

    Upload your programming lab from this Upload web page.

    Important: Use a different filename for each assignment (e.g., cse452shell_assign2.zip). The upload page will not accept files with the same name as an existing file. If you need to upload a revision, mark it in the file name (e.g., cse452shell_assign2_rev1.zip). Use zip to prepare a package.