The instructors for this course are Bill Siever and Roger Chamberlain.

Instructor Hours

Day Time Room Instructor
Wednesday Your regular lab time Urbauer 214 Bill or Roger (possibly TAs)
Friday1 1pm-3pm Jolley 221 Bill Siever
Friday2 2pm-4pm Jolley 210 or 224 Roger Chamberlain

1 No office hours on Feb 15th, Mar 1, and Apr 5.

2 No office hours on Mar 1.


The Head TAs for this course are Emily Wilson and Talia Weiss.

TA Hours

Day Time Room
Sunday 4pm-6pm Simon 017
Monday 6pm-10pm Simon 017
Tuesday (no demos!) 6pm-10pm Simon 017
Thursday 4pm-6pm Simon 017
Friday 3pm-5pm3 Simon 017
Saturday 4pm-6pm Crow 204

3 On Feb 8 and Mar 8 office hours will end at 4pm.

Help During Lab Times

On Wednesdays Ubauer 214 will be used for help while 216 and 218 will be used for assignment demos.